Health Tools

AllzWell is a Caregiving/Health ToolBox designed to assist in managing Alzheimer's and Dementia.


Alzheimer's is dynamic, often accompanied by trigger symptoms. AllzWell introduces the Trigger Diary, enabling individuals living with Alzheimer's to monitor symptoms and flare-ups for improved life management.

Choose the trigger type, record reactions, note the time and severity, creating a comprehensive tracker. This empowers both individuals and their healthcare providers to make informed, personalized decisions regarding treatment.

Medicine reminder

Scheduled medications can occasionally be overlooked. AllzWell addresses this with its medicine reminder, enabling users to set snooze notifications for daily medication prompts. This feature seamlessly integrates reminders into users' lives as they care for their loved ones.

AllzWell's Medicine Reminder offers a downloadable medical history, ensuring preparedness for any doctor's visit with tracked intakes. Integrated with thousands of FDA-approved drugs, AllzWell allows users to chart not only when to take medicines but also how to optimize intake, considering factors such as taking them with or without food.


Monitoring your vitals is crucial, whether you're navigating Alzheimer's or striving to achieve long-term healthcare objectives.

AllzWell simplifies the process, making it effortless to stay informed about your vitals. This allows you to actively manage your health, comprehend the changes you're undergoing, and assess the impact of various routines, medications, or habits on your long-term well-being. With dedicated tools for heart rate, blood pressure, and glucose, AllzWell provides an easily accessible health dashboard at your fingertips.

Clinical trials

AllzWell simplifies the intricate and daunting process of accessing relevant clinical trials for individuals with Alzheimer's.

By utilizing data inputs from our Direct-to-Caregiver Recruitment, AllzWell facilitates your loved one's eligibility for free clinical trials, providing you with the necessary information to make well-informed decisions. This streamlining of the process aims to make participation in clinical trials more accessible and understandable for users.

Pee & Poo

The Bathroom Journal enables users to monitor stool and urine outputs, providing a valuable tool for tracking conditions. This feature is particularly critical for individuals with dementia, allowing them to chart trends related to factors such as diet, exercise, and other condition-specific triggers.

Beyond its relevance for people with dementia, tracking bathroom responses, when combined with diet and exercise data, makes it easier for anyone to comprehensively chart their holistic health. This holistic approach provides a more complete understanding of one's well-being.

Health News

AllzWell empowers users by granting access to reputable news sources and insights on various conditions, medications, and more—enabling better health management wherever they may be.

Our platform collaborates with condition-specific medical experts to bring forth overlooked news that may escape other filters. This ensures users receive tailored and reliable insights to enhance their understanding and proactive management of their health.